An IT Specialist Agency Focused On EPoS Solutions & Improving Your Business Brand

Your brand is your business, it’s what defines your core values, aims you at your target market and gives you the edge over your competitors.

We can explore projects across most platforms helping a business from their logo design, to their stationery, to their web site and onwards sculpting a consistent look for a company from day one of us being on board.

Hello! We’re Azudos: an EPoS IT Solutions and Creative Web & Brand Design Studio based in the centre of Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

An obsessive and consistent focus on the effectiveness of our work has enabled us to build rich, long lasting relationships and grow our business through the most persuasive channel: word of mouth recommendation. A considered strategic approach underpins the services delivered across our creative, digital and content teams. We’re proud of our independence, open and collaborative in our approach and truly passionate about our craft.

Gathering Requirements / Analysis & Planning

Firstly, we perform a requirements analysis to gather the information required to begin planning and designing your campaigns, products and solutions.

Design Specifications & Development

Secondly, upon having all the business information we can then put a requirements specification together. This helps to plan and create your artwork, build your websites and develop your apps.

User Acceptance Testing & Product Deployment

In the final stages we go through testing protocols of the products we develop. Once signed off we deploy your apps, publish your websites and distribute your campaigns.

Customers We Loved Working With

For over a decade we have worked with some excellent clients and customers. Most which we still have relationships with to this very day. Ranging from EPoS Engineering & IT Solutions to Web Development, Graphic Design and Photography.
Get in touch with us if you like what you see.

Our Team Will Help you with Understanding and Making Sense of your projects

We’ve built our team, structured our studio spaces and developed our processes to support a broad, full-service creative offering.

Our brand designers work side by side with back end developers and our graphic designers work in tandem with photographers and our analysts. Ensuring insights and information flow freely and quickly across our teams enables us to deliver solutions efficiently and quickly without compromising on quality

Your Full Service
Creative Agency

We continually strive to foster an open and engaging culture as an expression of our values. This enables our talented team to deliver exceptional client experiences, every day. Ongoing investment enables the team to pursue their passions and develop both personally and professionally.

From the Drawing Board to Your Final Product
Fully Customisable Solutions for all Media Types
Anything You Need

We have graphic designers, developers and photographers. Everything you need for a growing business.

Friendly Price Packages

We work closely with you to ensure you get the best solutions to fit any budget you have

Affordable Digital Solutions and Multimedia Products

Everyone has a project that they want delivered within a budget, on time and with quality retained. We will sit with you and organise and produce bespoke quotes that can cater to phased or un-phased solutions. This ensures that pricing and product delivery is feasible and can be achieved by us.

Customisable Solutions for Business Individuals
Dedicated Digital Packages for SME Businesses