Graphic Design

Could you imagine turning up to an interview for your ideal perfect job wearing flip flops, jeans and a baseball cap. You just wouldn’t in a business environment. Especially if you wanted your prospective employer to take you seriously for a role and not class you as a Micky Mouse candidate.

The problem is most small businesses (especially start-ups) don’t understand the power of branding and what damage they inflict upon themselves using poorly designed images and graphics.

Often driven to decisions based on price and not practicalities, they opt for DIY online graphic tools or clip-art style images to form their initial branding presence.

Yet that same job interview impact, resonates with branding and how you are portraying yourself, if you cut corners and use quick fixes and not professional graphic design services.

Your brand image and impression is formed by the colours you use, the images, font’s and graphics that combined work in unity to create a business persona. This persona is then given a personality with the words you choose to describe your business products, services, and solutions.

Audio also compliments your brand and can be utilised on videos and podcasts and can be a powerful asset to your branding.

So, how can we help you establish a powerful impacting brand that resonates with your ideal target audience?

Well we could boast about our variety of high-level skills across the entire Adobe suite of tools, meaning that we can extend your brand image through website and print media, and how this also works with video, audio, image and photography, but we know that our competitors may also boast the same.

What makes us different?

We’re so confident in our skills and abilities to deliver a powerful brand image for your business that if you invest with us in this service, you’ll only be investing once because of our ability to extend your brand across all media environments on and offline.

We want to empower you, to be in control of your brand and so provide full brand guidelines so you understand how to apply your brand on social media, print artwork, merchandise and more.

  • You get high quality resolution brand assets to work with straight away.
  • Provided with fully editable and layered original artwork files for your own future use
  • Full brand guidelines, including any font’s and imagery assets.
  • Bespoke photography to enhance your brand style

Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself first-hand what other clients of our have had to say about their experiences with working with us, and the fantastic brand solutions we’ve created for them.